Winner of the Swiss DINNO Award 2018

Our Pick2Light system SETAGO was awarded the new Swiss DINNO Award at SINDEX. The Swiss DINNO Award is given to companies, projects or personalities who have digitally modernised a product, service or process in an innovative, creative and exemplary way. We are very proud that our Pick2Light system SETAGO won the first ever prize in 2018. Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann presented it personally at the opening of the Sindex fair on 28 August 2018 in Berne.


Zero Errors! Everything is achievable with Picktolight assembly robotics system SETAGO®. The advantages of SETAGO® Pick2Light at a glance: Zero errors! Higher productivity! Process assurance in many types of product! New employees can be instructed in minutes and are instantly productive! Consistency, regardless of the employee! Simple installation and start-up! Amortization within months! Less control

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smarter. faster. easy. Manual assembly always presents companies with the challenge of producing error-free products and having to create absolute process safety. SETAGO® can achieve this. The sensor-controlled instruction system SETAGO® ensures consistently high-quality productivity, especially in case of model diversity and changing personnel. Every assembly step is laid out and controlled. After one step

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​Would you like a little more?​We offer a starter kit with 20 sensors and controls as an introduction to SETAGO®-Pick2Light. The controls can be extended by up to 400 sensors. Our sensors can also be bought individually. ​In addition, we would be happy to offer you a complete workplace made of aluminium profiles with the

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  The SETAGO starter kit can be put into operation very quickly! Within half a day, you can test out how Industry 4.0 can work! The procedure is extremely simple and intuitive: For the start, chose a clear installation workstation Mount the sensors over the component containers Wire the sensors using the cables supplied Connect

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  The SETAGO Pick to Light sensors are available individually in the variants digital I/O or RS485 BUS. The sensors can be connected using RJ12 cable. The adapter plate for attaching sensors offers the option of attaching sensors on round pipes and profiles of different kinds. This can be carried out easily by means of

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  You think SETAGO Pick to Light is great, but you are not sure whether  installation at your workstations would make sense? Get in touch with us – we offer lean consultation, workstation design and equipment from one source! Along with our workstation systems, we offer tailor-made solutions for cost-effective production. We consider workstation systems

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Ask for our 30-day starter kit now!

Increasing variance, decreasing unit numbers, rising error rate & skills shortage - don’t fall by the wayside in this Industry 4.0 environment! Test out SETAGO Pick To Light in your own production environment - 30 days free of charge, with full support of the SETAGO Team!



SETAGO® Pick2Light sets itself apart from previous Pick2Light systems with its brilliant simplicity in three key areas. Changes to the existing processes represent the biggest obstacle to the success of a new system. We know this and have given a lot of thought about how to make it as easy as possible to get started.

Adapterplatte und Installation


(so smart.)

Innovative adapter plates and click-lock systems allow for effortless attachment of the sensors.

Inbetriebnahme von SETAGO Pick to Light am Monitor


(so quick.)

The production processes are set up in an intuitive way, and set up quickly enough that you are ready to go in but a short time.


(it has never been easier.)

Working with SETAGO® is so easy that virtually anyone can successfully follow its assembly processes. Try it out for yourself!



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