Setago das LEAN Arbeitsplatzsystem für Gewinner

Zero Errors!

Everything is achievable with Picktolight assembly robotics system SETAGO®.

The advantages of SETAGO® Pick2Light at a glance:

  • Zero errors!
  • Higher productivity!
  • Process assurance in many types of product!
  • New employees can be instructed in minutes and are instantly productive!
  • Consistency, regardless of the employee!
  • Simple installation and start-up!
  • Amortization within months!
  • Less control needed!
  • Paperless assembly instructions!
  • With support, employees can assemble complex products!

Regardless which contributor carries out the manual assembly, SETAGO® ensures consistent process quality and certainty that no mistakes will occur within the production process. By means of instructional pictures and videos, new employees can be productive and work error-free in only a short period of time. This allows for more flexibility in personnel planning and counters the shortage of skilled workers. However, the Pick2Light system allows more skilled workers to complete even more complex projects.
Workflows can be easily made by importing stock lists and digitally replace yellowed paper assembly instructions. Finally, within months the SETAGO® system pays for itself through productivity growth removing costs incurred through errors.

With SETAGO® you can offer your customers the cutting edge in digitalisation.

See for yourself:


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