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The SETAGO Pick to Light sensors are available individually in the variants digital I/O or RS485 BUS. The sensors can be connected using RJ12 cable. The adapter plate for attaching sensors offers the option of attaching sensors on round pipes and profiles of different kinds. This can be carried out easily by means of cable ties and M4 screws. Magnets ensure uncomplicated pre-positioning.

smarter. faster. easy.

Adapter plate: Easily and rapidly mounted using M4 screws or cable ties.

«Klick easy»: The «Klick easy» mechanism of SETAGO allows for quick repositioning of sensors. Thus, changeover is easy when required or a teaching error can be corrected easily.

Top Performance: The SETAGO sensors have a maximum range of 500 mm although the ideal range is between 100 and 400 mm. Upon access, the data are processed at a speed of 1.8 ms.  This means that the sensors even can keep pace with very fast and trained craftsmen.

Operating mode: Time of flight

The sensor consists of an emitter and collector. The emitter emits a 940nm laser in a 35° cone. The collector measures of the reflection time at a 25° angle by mean change in the photons collected in the field of view (collector’s «field of view»).  When the average value does not change, the sensor is at rest.

Operating mode: Pick detection

Given a changing average value of the measured reflection time, the sensor recognises a pick or access from a defined threshold value. At present, this threshold value is at around 10% deviation from the resting value.



«1 sensor» comprises:

I/O sensor or BUS sensor   Technical information: Data sheet

  • Including adapter plate
  • Variants: RS485 ModBUS or Digital I/O
  • Connection: RJ12 cables (supplied)

The sensors are available individually; there is no minimum order quantity