SETAGO Starterkit

Benefit from the advantages of the SETAGO Pick to Light System

SETAGO guides step by step through the assembly process using pictures and videos. The removal of incorrect parts or an incorrect torque is immediately signalled by the SETAGO sensor. The assembly process can only be continued after the correction.
Errors are excluded, the quality of your product is assured and your productivity is additionally increased (zero-error strategy).
SETAGO Pick2Light offers a very special advantage with a large variety of your products: New employees hardly need any training time and are immediately productive. This also applies to complicated and complex work steps.
SETAGO Pick2Light will pay off in a few months by increasing productivity with better quality and zero errors.

The SETAGO starter kit can be put into operation very quickly! Within half a day, you can test out how Industry 4.0 can work! The procedure is extremely simple and intuitive:

  1. For the start, chose a clear installation workstation
  2. Mount the sensors over the component containers
  3. Wire the sensors using the cables supplied
  4. Connect the computer unit
  5. Connect the I/O unit, if required
  6. Start up the mounted SETAGO starter kit
  7. Prepare work / installation instructions
  8. Select “Teach process”
  9. Assign the sensors to the individual components / process steps according to the installation sequence
  10. Supplement the assembly instructions using text and/or pictures
  11. If required change the saved steps using the screen settings
  12. Off you go: the sensors guide you through the work instructions with a green light, and point out errors with a red light and process stop.


SETAGO starter kit consists of the following components:

  • 20 SETAGO sensors
  • SETAGO software
  • Controller
  • I/O module
  • Push-button housing
  • Monitor
  • Various connection cables