SETAGO Pick2Light Sensor

smarter. faster. easy.

Manual assembly always presents companies with the challenge of producing error-free products and having to create absolute process safety. SETAGO® can achieve this. The sensor-controlled instruction system SETAGO® ensures consistently high-quality productivity, especially in case of model diversity and changing personnel. Every assembly step is laid out and controlled. After one step has been completed,  the next be carried out. This is done either by means of a sensor that monitors the removal of the correct part, or by actuation using a button or foot pedal. It is also possible to connect a tightening system, which registers the tightening process as completed only when the predefined tightening parameter has been reached, releasing the next step. This ensures that different bolts are always tightened correctly. Employees are alerted to an incorrect removal by a red light. The error must be corrected before the process can move on.

By importing the required stock list, the assembly instructions are prepared in just a short time. You can download pictures and videos to a mobile phone, and step-by-step instructions are available in a clear format. The operation of software is intuitive. and as easy as the assembly itself. The starter kit, with 20 sensors, can be assembled and made operational within an hour (including a coffee break).




10 min.



10 min.



​3 sec.


​Workflow programming

​20 min.


​Training the sensors

​5 min.


​Coffee break

14 min. ​​57 sec.


​60 min.

Sensors and software have been developed to make the Pick by Light system as simple and user-friendly as possible.

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​​Intuitive Operation